Thursday, January 24, 2013

New post on my Muahaaa(kiss) blog! Hello world! \u003C\u003C I’m back from my vacation – self-inflicted one . How have you been?! I was little ill, little busy watching tv series, little resting, little Christmas cooking or eating, and as song says “little bit of this and little bit of that”. Anyway, what ever I did my mind was here with you all the time, so you can say I’ve never left – I know you didn’t noticed anyway. But for me, it’s nice to be back- meaning writing here whats on my mind and what I hope you’ll like or be interested in. And I can tell you, during this vacation I’ve learned a lot. So you can expect in near future some articles about bio-resonant diagnostics and therapy, home remedies for cleaning bowls and liver, about bacteria’s in a body, …. you will see/read. Did I wish you “Happy New Year”? NO! Ok, Happy New Year to all of you and let it be great year for all of us and don’t forget, keep the smile on your face and clouds out of your mind, and of course, shine like a star that you are. Muahaaa And don’t forget, Valentine’s day is just around the corner – you had enough time to relax from Christmas shopping! Here are some photos I’ve took during my “off time”. For those who like Facebook, there are some more there. >>

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Monday, January 7, 2013